Weaving pop melodies, world instrumentation and chants from indigenous cultures,  Orenda Blu  gently caresses the listener with the ethereal vocals of songwriter Emily Tessmer.  Their first release, “Sacred Chants One”, entirely in Sanskrit, received the silver medal for Best Inner Space/Meditation/Healing Music of 2012 by the Coalition of Visionary Resources and has been mentioned on Public Radio International’s program ‘Echoes’ as being in the top 25 best albums during 2013. 

Orenda Blu’s second release, “Chants Of Love & Light”,  also distributed by Paradise Music of the UK and released spring 2014, features pop-infused chants from Japan, New Zealand, The Cherokee and Lakota nations, and other world cultures.  This CD was featured in January 2015 by the Daily Om. Orenda Blu played the main stage at Prana Fest in 2014 and joined the lineup at Shakti Fest in Joshua Tree in 2015. 

The band traveled to Ireland in summer 2015 to play  the Bhakti Fest for Hope in County Roscommon and fell in love with Irish traditional music, which they now incorporate into their sound.  They are currently working on their third release due out Spring 2019 which will focus on world instrumentation, and a return to Lead Vocalist and Writer Emily Tessmer's roots of songwriting& storytelling, venerating the voiceless, the trees and animals, first nations people and the invisible realms.