Weaving pop melodies, world instrumentation and chants from indigenous cultures,  Orenda Blu  gently caresses the listener with the ethereal vocals of songwriter Emily Tessmer.  Their first release, “Sacred Chants”, received the silver medal for Best Inner Space/Meditation/Healing Music by the Coalition of Visionary Resources and has been mentioned on Public Radio International’s program ‘Echoes’. 

Orenda Blu’s second release, “Chants Of Love & Light”,  also distributed by Paradise Music of the UK features pop-infused chants from Japan, New Zealand, The Cherokee and Lakota nations, and other world cultures.  This CD was featured in the Daily Om and opened doors such as Prana Fest, Shakti Fest, and Bhakti Festival Of Hope In Ireland.  

Summer 2019 welcomes the greatly anticipated release of Earthsong, which focuses on world instrumentation, and a return to Lead Vocalist and Writer Emily Tessmer's roots of songwriting and storytelling that venerates the voiceless, the trees and animals, first nations people and the invisible realms.